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Migraine, Headache and Chiropractic

Migraine, Headache and ChiropracticFor many years, I've had to deal with multiple episodes of headaches. From the basic tension headaches to the terrible cluster migraines, the madness, the pain, and the incapacitating effects of such ailments are terrible. People around you that do not suffer from the same condition have a hard time understanding how it affects someone with headaches. I remember a time in my life when I was in such distress that I had to engulf 18 to 20 Tylenols per day in order to calm the pain. That would be enough to kill anyone, even the healthiest of us. Then, after a couple of days, I would go back to a relative normality and be able to function. Medications can help sometimes but they always are a camouflage to a sustained incoherent process in the body. If we were made to be healthy with medications, we would not have to create them, it would grow in our backyard. Headaches are not a lack of Tylenol, believe me, I've tried. Years of this relentless head stabbing almost non-stop condition is enough to make you think of ending it to whatever avail. I even considered the grand exit. Now, just imagine how sad that would have been, considering that today, I'm a respected Chiropractic physician that helps people that are suffering from many conditions, including those related to headaches. It took me years before I could find the solution to my problem, don't wait that long before considering this very simple solution. From the word of French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, "The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope". So, whatever you decide to do, never lose hope that there is a solution for you. My solution came to me as what will become my profession, Chiropractic. Chiropractic is the science of locating an interference on the nervous system and making the proper correction in order to re-establish the communication channels between the Brain and the body. I did not really care too much about what it meant at the time, I just wanted the relief. I got immediate relief, even after a couple of corrections, but then I stopped going and it came back. Now, why is it that we have to go back, at least for a certain while? There are a number of components that will play in this equation. The first being how long you had this condition. The word condition can also be replaced by conditioning, which is the years of accomodation that your body had to adapt to this condition that was never resolved. We sometimes compare with the need for teeth braces for many months if not years, in order to prevent the natural migration back to where the teeth were as if the body think that's where they should be. Personally, I prefer to think of Chiropractic as you would relate to food, or exercise. It make no sense to eat well only when you are sick, or exercise only when it's beach time. Health is in the choices that we make and the consistency of our actions towards those choices. Nobody is healthy by chance. We hear all the time that we are what we eat, but, I would like to change this to we are the expression of our choices in all aspects of our lives. Chiropractic is just one piece of this puzzle but it is an important one. As I mentioned, the brain sends messages to the body in feedback to the messages that the body sends to the brain. This constant loop of traveling information can be interfered at so many levels and in so many systems that just a little interference, over time, can become a chronic disease. Other very important pieces of the health puzzle are nutrition, stress, and emotions. I will cover those in another blog.
Even after all these years, I still get checked to see if I need a Chiropractic correction to make sure that my nervous system has all the potential it should.
Find the Chiropractor that fits with you and give yourself a life without headaches.

Dr Jean-Francois Dubuc
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