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I don't know what to eat anymore!

I don't know what to eat anymore!Years of research, tests, and educated nutritionists succeeded to confuse every human being as to what is nutritious and healthy. I cannot start to say how wrong this is. By trying to come up with the perfect recipes to a healthy plate, it became impossible to manage the well being of our families. The rules are so complex that you need a personal nutritionist in order to decipher your next meal. What a mess! Let's try to make it simple. The simplest rule is and will always be, eat food, not processed food. You can always accompany your meal with some convenient non food but it will be as if you were invited to a formal dinner and you decided to have a drug addict tag along. It will confuse if not inconvenient the host. In our case, the host is your body, more precisely, your cells. Your cells have been experiencing with the real food items for millions of years. They have a hard time recognizing those simile processed food items. It becomes a stress instead of a growth experience for the whole body. It goes back to the why we eat in the first place. We eat for a number of reasons: For creating energy sources, for replacing the building blocks that are creating the proteins, to have more building blocks all together because we are growing, especially from birth to adulthood. But, there is another very important reason why we eat: Information. Information is at the heart of the interaction between food and cells. Every processes in the cells are triggered by those interactions with external stimulations.The capacity for the cells to adapt is inherent to the capacity to interpret those messages from the environment. As an example, sugar (glucose) is a 6 carbon molecule that has a very specific shape and positioning of its different components. By changing the direction of one or more components we can change the information that will trigger the cell processes. You still experience the sweetness without absorption of the sugar. This is one of the strategies used by food creators in order to put the label sugar free. It is still full of sugar but your body doesn't recognize it as sugar and thus cannot absorb it. Why is that a problem? Again, it's like as if your drug addict friend not only came to dinner but is now staying at your place, and start building up, and becoming toxic to your life. There is a reason why the body doesn't recognize it and the simple answer is that it doesn't want it. Not only that, now you've created an additional stress at the cellular level. The human body, in order to sustain all the processes that are occurring at the same time, has to maintain a close surveillance of what happens. When we enable the system to be clogged by unnecessary foods, chances are that there will be a process somewhere that will be adversely affected, thus putting additional stress as it cascades into multiple body systems.
Eat food is the simplest rule and it means that if there is a box or a list of more than 3 ingredients, chances are it's not food.
Now, which foods are good for me? Are there any contra-indications? I am diabetic, shouldn't I go for food with a low glycemic index? EtcÂ… These are all good questions that need individual answers. There is though a general answer that covers all of these: If it is natural food, fruits, vegetables, fish, natural meat, etc, it should not be a problem.
How much? Probably half of what you generally eat is enough. We tend to eat more because our plates are full of empty calories. Good foods are rich in essential nutrients and unless you are a high level athlete, you don't need as much.
How often? That's a strange question! We are conditioned to eat 3 times a day for convenience but it might not be the most logical way to eat. Eating less at smaller intervals can limit the stress you put on your digestive system when you have a 3 big meals a day habit. Also, resting periods are very profitable for your system. I am not talking about putting your system in more stress by staving it of food for extended period of time, but having a day or half a day every now and then on a consistent basis, to rest your digestive system, is a healthy habit to adopt.
Treat your plate as if it was sacred. Your body is a sacred temple and you should not let anybody enter without being properly vetoed. Make the choices that promote high levels of trust in the quality and adequacy of the food you use to make this body of yours a masterpiece.
Dr Jean-Francois Dubuc
MPower Chiropractic

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