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Why do we need Nutrition Supplements?

Why do we need Nutrition Supplements?The number one reason we need to supplement our daily food intake is first and foremost because we are "idiots". For centuries, we have tried to change the rules of nature and with our new technology tools, we can achieve this at an alarming rate. The weather is out of whack, the oceans are dealing with extreme contamination coming from over-saturated lakes and rivers. The world's population grows at an exponential rate leaving governments with hard choices when it comes to feeding an increasing number of mouths. The key word here is "choices". If the choices we make were not influenced by lobbyists, we would probably be in a very different situation. Because there is an insane amount of money involved in the development of new technology at every level of the food chain, we are letting these industries change the natural rules for which our body gets its nutrition from. Now, after only decades of this farming revolution, we are now facing deplenished soils, having to modify seeds in order to sustain the yielding need, and having to add protective substances to repel insects. All this at the cost of the quality of the produces that are presented to the population. Because these produces are lacking the basic elements, the transformation industry is being very creative in order to satisfy the taste buds of the clientele. What a cocktail for disaster! How long can we sustain this crazy reality?

Now, after all that, you are wondering why we need supplementation! We don't need supplements, we need food! Which is why we are partnering with Standard Process for our Whole Food supplementation products. The key words here are WHOLE and FOOD. Standard Process is one of the select few that is owning the farms where most products are made, making sure that the fundamental farming rules are respected.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life.

Dr Jean-Francois Dubuc

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