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Mindfulness - Presence of the Heart

Mindfulness - Presence of the HeartHealthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life. Simple enough, no? We wish that it would be THE way to live a healthy life. The reality though is more complex. Human beings are not a mechanistic compartmentalized machine. We are synergetic beings, expression of all the functions, making the whole more complex than the sum of its parts. If the body is not healthy it will have an adverse effect on the mind, the reverse being equally true. Mindfulness is this primordial connection to the mental state, the conscious layer that we take for granted most of the time. Reconnecting, refocussing, re-acknowledging that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, changes the way we see the events as they happen in our lives. You know the saying, "Blessing in disguise"? Most of the time an event that at first destabilized us comes to become a blessing given the time to reflect on it. The Mindfulness practice can offer tools to be in constant communication with the inner peace needed to go through these events without the fears, the panic, the lack of confidence that there is a reason why this is happening. Building a thrust in ourself, a solid foundation and a healthy communication with our inner self. Meditation, contemplation, relaxation sessions, can all be part of healthy habits and can reduce the stress we encounter on a daily basis.

Ask us how we can help you reconnect with your inner you, and let's see if you can start living the life you've always dreamed of.

Dr Jean-Francois Dubuc

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