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Creating a positive Life

Creating a positive Life Creating a positive Life

In a world where we are exposed to an insane quantity of negative information, discussions, hatred, and resentment, there has to be a way to peel back the residues and remain positive.
Not easy? That's an understatement! The fact that we are bombarded with information from all directions, the internet, journals, friends, etc, makes it a real challenge. The solution; YOU! YOU are the one that is interacting with the content. YOU are the one that connects through all these means of communication to keep count on the rest of the world. YOU are the one that enables this nonsense to take place in the first place. As Michelangelo is credited for saying, when asked how hard it was to create such beautiful sculptures, he responded saying that it was easy; you just have to remove what is not what you want as a final result. In other words, the easy path to having a positive life is not just adding more positive in your life, but also, removing the negative that prevents the positive to be expressed. We fundamentally want to express this thriving life and we certainly can do so given the proper conditions. The results of recent researches on the impact of either Social Media, Television Programming, and Video Games are unequivocal. It's event worse in the case of our children as they have not yet developed some of the protective reflexes that we have as adults. They just take it all in!
One way to stop this nonsense is to stop being in denial about the impact that all this negativity has on us and on our society. Secondly, be proactive in protecting yourself and the ones you love by taking concrete actions to solve the problem. Some will stop watching TV programming, limit the internet access, and other make better choice of content for everyone but especially for the kids. They also have critique discussions about the information that flows in from friends, teachers, etc. This is just the beginning though. We would love to hear from you, and at a later time revisit this subject with your thoughts and solutions on this important topic.

Dr Jean-Francois Dubuc
MPower Chiropractic

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