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MPower Chiropractic Testimonial

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I could turn my head normally!

❝I suffered from torticollis for two years. My kids even told me I was ruining their lives because I couldn't play or do anything with them. After that first adjustment, by Dr Pichette, my pain was gone and I could turn my head normally. Thank you for giving me my life back.❞

It made a big difference in our lives.

❝Before seeing Dr Pichette I had the pediatrician on speed dial. I was pregnant with my second boy when we made the appointment to see if Chiropractic could help my first son, who was two and a half years old, with his severe asthma attacks. When we started Chiropractic care, it was clear that it was helping more than the asthma. My whole family is under Chiropractic care, even my skeptic father who now doesn't skip an appointment. After his birth, my second son started to be checked by Dr Pichette on a wellness care plan and we never had to deal with health issues. My oldest is now a teenager and hasn't been experiencing asthma since. It made a big difference in our lives.❞

Hard time adapting to temperature changes!

❝I went to see Dr Pichette on a friend's recommendation. I thought that I was healthy until my first adjustment. Overtime, we forget those little problems that affect our lives. I've been having a hard time adapting to temperature changes, but after the first adjustment it was like she adjusted my internal thermostat.❞

Chiropractic care made a real difference!

❝After a surgery to my knee I had a persistent pain in my foot. Dr Dubuc's Chiropractic program of care made a real difference in reducing the pain.❞

I could get back to my gardening without pain!

❝I have been a Chiropractic patient for over 19 years. During those years I had the chance of getting great Chiropractic care but it was under Dr Dubuc's care that I could get back to my gardening without pain. I now walk 5 miles per day and see myself going strong for many more years.❞